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Spring 2021 Update

The spring 2021 class schedule will be loaded on Friday, January 29 at 1 PM. Until that day/time your class meeting times will not display properly. As a reminder, only Converged Learning courses will use the back2classroom application.

About back2classroom

In order to enforce social distancing and ensure the safety of students, converged learning classes will meet at the scheduled time with some students physically in-person and others joining remotely. To maintain social distancing, no more than half of a class will meet in-person at any one time.

To assist with this process, classroom assignments will be arranged using back2classroom, a newly developed software application. The back2classroom application will allow students to indicate whether they plan to attend in-person, request a spot on a in-person wait list, and take in-person attendance.  Please review the resources on this page to learn more.